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We are a globally recognized manufacturer, supplier, & exporter of industrial RO Plants in India. additionally to the Delhi/NCR region. Over the past five years, we have completed our best-quality RO plants for our clients. In 2019, the journey to being a top supplier and manufacturer will begin. A well-known and prominent manufacturer of Industrial RO Plant in India is URN IMPEX.

Small villages, some districts, and states in India struggle to find clean drinking water. In order to remedy the issue, we are here to produce clean, drinkable water as a service. utilizing water treatment facilities and our RO Plant. We produce more than just industrial RO Plants. Depending on the needs of the customer, our range extends from 100 LPH to 10000 LPH (Litre Per Hour) plants and above. We employ the most cutting-edge technology available in our water purification facilities to produce the least amount of water waste and purify water to the highest possible standards. Our fully-equipped industrial and commercial Ro plants eliminate dangerous bacteria and pollutants. and adjust the water’s TDS to the desired value.

Our industrial user client is ranked first, along with water treatment plants. Our top-notch products and support are available around-the-clock. By a professional in the field of water testing. Our water has passed all tests and is suitable for use in industrial settings as well as for human consumption (drinking or any other usage). Anyone in India, from all over the nation, not just the Delhi-NCR region, needs. Contact us if you want an industrial & commercial RO plant straight from the manufacturer.

Water Treatment Plant
Water Treatment Plant
Industrial RO Plant
Industrial RO Plant

Our Ambition

  • Our Mission:-  Our goal is to solve the issues of population increase, industrial development, and climate change by making commercial RO plants available on a worldwide scale that are affordable, sustainable, and energy efficient.

  • Our Vision:-  Our goal is to offer environmentally friendly RO Plant solutions.

  • Our Philosophy:-  Our mission is to ensure clean water access as well as the environmentally friendly disposal of municipal and industrial commercial RO plants. We are deeply and vehemently committed to making a long-term contribution to environmental conservation and quality of life development. This most recent challenge inspires us to create new and creative technologies, as well as to continuously optimize all existing processes, with a focus on new and developing markets. The success of our activities directly helps the preservation of one of the Earth’s biggest and most valuable treasures, the basic cornerstone of life: the element known as “Water.”

  • Relationship:-  We have won the trust of our customers throughout the years. We have developed great ties with these clients as a result of our solid credentials and innovation. URN IMPEX is a global trade organization with local pioneers in RO Plant technology.

  • Innovation:-  Our engineering and design team is constantly innovating in a variety of fields. We conducted significant industrial testing to find the best conditions for various types of Commercial RO Plants in various regions. As a result, we have been able to develop novel solutions to real-world industry problems such as mixing, energy cost reduction, and washing. We offer innovative and cost-effective water management solutions that contribute to a more efficient system that uses less water, fewer chemicals, and, ultimately, less energy.

  • Sustainable Products / Solutions:   URN IMPEX is a clean technology firm that provides a comprehensive range of solutions focused on conserving, optimizing, recycling, and reusing resources to solve Commercial RO Plant challenges worldwide. Our knowledge allows us to provide clients with complete, compact, and comprehensive solutions. Customers can use these solutions to develop safe and secure solutions for future processes while still leveraging their current assets.

  • Our commitment is to continue to exceed our product standards year after year, minimizing not only dangers for consumers but also delivering the finest environmental results in RO Plant. Every product we create is built with sustainability, efficiency, and operational risk in mind. At this moment, we are committed to remaining at the forefront of RO Plant innovation.

  • URN IMPEX Advantage:-  Strategic planning and a thorough awareness of the ever-changing process, as well as the technical and financial backdrop, have enabled us to build an organization with better intellectual capital, inventive capabilities, industry adaptability, and speedier response times. URN IMPEX is one of the world’s most lucrative RO Plant firms.

  • Commitments:-

    1. Our company process’s fundamental capability is focusing on “quality.”

    2. Quality control and attention to detail.

    3. Provide proactive solutions and suggestions.

    4. Water conservation and recycling.

Industrial RO Plant

Industrial RO Plant Exhibition

Trade exhibitions provide an excellent opportunity for exhibitors to meet potential clients. rather than direct calls or emails, through face-to-face connection and participation. You can interact with visitors as an exhibitor to enlighten them about your company. Its idea and value are in a more relaxed and personal setting.

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Industrial RO Plant

URN IMPEX - A corporation founded to provide integrated services for commercial RO systems, water treatment plants, spare parts, and so on. We are one of the most dependable partners when it comes to Industrial RO Plant and Water Treatment Plant solutions. URN Impex Reverse Osmosis Plants professionals will handle your system and respond to your demands as if they were our own, allowing you to focus on what you do best every day.

URN IMPEX customers tell us. how they benefit from our complete water treatment plant systems. Years of experience at URN IMPEX are inextricably linked to its equipment solutions, testing, monitoring, analysis, and advised corrective actions.

URN Impex is committed to providing practical solutions that enhance company growth while conserving the world's most valuable resource - water. Our market emphasis and experience include RO plants, softeners, UF, DM, MB, ETP, STP, water bottling units, and water treatment plants, among other things. We also sell spare parts of all kinds.

Industrial RO Plant
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